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About Us

Alevate Solutions was first established in late 2006 as an adhoc business unit to address business needs for clients in a different industry. Subsequently, demand for related services grew and it was formally incorporated in 2009.

Since then, we had expanded our repertoire and core competencies to provide a full range of infotech related solutions to our clients. Our team's core competencies are in applications, website development, database programming and infotech infrastructure installation and administration.

We deliver on a variety of platforms for development of new applications and sites using popular languages such as .NET and PHP for web-based solutions and various 'C' languages for compiled or mobile based solutions. We also use or modify existing solutions like the popular Wordpress and Drupal CMS where appropriate.

In addition to programming expertise, the Alevate team's core competencies also includes server and network infrastructure administration. Leveraging on this, we also operate our own web servers and storage clouds to better cater to client requirements and better control the quality of service.

In order to better serve our customers' needs, we also adopt an open approach and often collaborate with various vendors to provide solutions involving professional skills outside of our competencies. If needed and often, we would work with vendors who may normally be competitors to better provide services to our clients.