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Email Hosting

Add on email services

While email accounts are an integrated part of standard web-hosting, some companies may have more stringent requirements or archival policies to adhere to. As such we offer add-on services to normal email hosting to fulfill these requirements.

Incoming mail archival

This add-on service helps keep a copy of all incoming emails to protect against accidental loss or deletions on the client’s email account or computers. This can be used to fulfill requirements to keep archives of all documents for years. This can be configured to work with most third party email service providers.

Outgoing mail archival

Similar to incoming mail archival, this service keeps a copy of all outgoing emails. This is useful in cases of disputes alleging to emails sent by the clients or their staff. Please note that this particular service is only available if the email accounts are hosted with us.

Online Archives

Normally, the email archives are not end-user accessible. This is to prevent accidental manipulation of the archived emails. However, we also offer an archival service where there is online user access for ease of self-serviced retrieval and reference. This is useful for customers who anticipate regular need to refer to older emails and want added redundancy to guard against data loss on their usual computer systems.