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Applications Development

Enterprise Applications

Historically, our core competency in applications development is highly oriented towards corporate support services. These include CRM, HRM, operations and logistics systems that are sometimes also integrated with clients’ user-facing websites.

Web Applications

In recent years, we have been increasingly engaged in developing plugins and modules for popular CMS such as WordPress and Drupal. For web designers who wish to focus more on the design aspect, we can work with you as your programming partner for the implementation of the site or any specific area requiring added functionality.

Legacy Support

Although the current market trend is focused on web and mobile device centric languages such as PHP, .NET, Java and Objective C, our past experience with C/C++, VB and .ASP allows us to help clients bridge legacy systems with modern solutions. We have assisted clients in extracting and transforming data from older systems for use in new solutions. Where technically possible, we can also provide support for software developed by defunct companies while clients migrate to newer solutions.