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Our hosting business is primarily oriented to serving our corporate clients, affiliate web designers, resellers and referrals. As a result of this focus, we typically maintain a low users per server ratio compared to bulk hosters. Due to this, honestly and factually we will never be the cheapest option you can find. However, you can rest assured your website won’t be fighting over the same server resources with a thousand other customers.


For redundancy and flexibility, we have servers located in three locations in the US and Singapore. These include the use of world class datacenter operator Equinix’s Singapore datacenter. All our servers run enterprise grade Linux operating system on Intel processors with redundant storage on a mix of HP and Cisco networking equipment.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting puts different customers on the same server. By sharing costs, this is the cheapest hosting plans for most customers. Shared hosting plans start from S$72/year.

Managed VDS

For clients with higher requirements but do not wish to manage their own servers on daily basis, we offer managed virtual dedicated servers. VDS are virtualized servers which serve one customer only and are backed by our private cloud storage cluster. This gives customers greater control and flexibility to use their server as they desired instead of sharing a common configuration like shared hosting. Managed VDS plans start from S$200/month.

For referral customers, resellers, non-profit and charity organisations, please contact us for special rates.